Whytewolf @ Shapeways

Shapeways is one of the most amazing services I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.  It allows you to upload and 3d print (in an amazing variety of materials) items which you’ve designed using 3d modelling software.  Better yet, Shapeways also allows you to purchase 3d printed items designed by other designers–while allowing them to open a shop and sell their items without worrying about production or shipping.

In late 2015 I opened my own Shapeways shop: Whytewolf.  Here you can find items that I’ve designed for myself (and for others); most of these are meant for use as 1/72 scale ship model parts.  I use Delftship as my CAD program–it’s designed for use by Naval Architects, is able to export designs in the STL format used for 3d printing and has a free edition (which is always a bonus).

Right now I have available several items for model projects I’m working on, including an USN S-Class Submarine, a RCN/RN H-Class submarine and a 15″ Dalghren Gun (all in 1/72).

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my items, feel free to follow the banner above to get to my Shapeways store.  Order early and order often 🙂