A Century of Canadian Destroyers

The Royal Canadian Navy celebrated it’s centenary in 2010.  In 2014 the RCN celebrated 100 years of Canadian Submarines. Coming up in 2020 it will be 100 years since the commissioning of Canada’s first Destroyers HMCS Patriot and HMCS Patrician.  It will be the centenary of Tin Cans (destroyers) and Tin Can Canucks (destroyer sailors) in the Canadian Navy.

Tin Can Canucks: HMCS Athabascan (II)

One of the Tin Can Canucks post-war: Royal Canadian Navy Tribal-class destroyer HMCS Athabaskan (II) photographed from HMAS Sydney (III), probably in Korean waters.

Tin-Can Canucks: A Century of Canadian Destroyers looks at the history of this unique type of warship and it`s use by the Royal Canadian Navy from the commissioning of the first destroyers Patriot and Patrician in 1920, to the fate of the last of the Iroquois-class destroyers HMCS Athabascan (III) as of the summer of 2016.

The book also looks at the stories of the men (and women) who have served aboard such distinguished vessels, and the mark on world history they have left behind.  Covered are events such as the famous destroyer action off Ushant during World War Two, to the shelling of an American town by a Canadian destroyer during the cold war, t the tragic gearbox explosion aboard HMCS Kootenay which resulted in the worst peace-time loss of life in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Tin-Can Canucks highlights and presents each ship individually, providing both technical and historic information as well as connecting the various ships and their assignments during war and peace–some of which were far from Canadian waters.  In all 68 vessels are presented each with their own `biography`.  Included is an extensive index and bibliography providing the reader ample opportunity to discover more about each of these warships.

The author–a former Canadian Forces reservist and ship modeller–weaves these tales of RCN warships together from a variety of primary and secondary sources, to present a view Canadian destroyers which hasn`t seen print before.  If you`re a military history buff, a ship modeller or just someone interested in the Royal Canadian Navy, this book is for you.

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