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Another Blast from the Past: Mobile Web Services

I’m continually amazed at how long ‘old’ internet posts and articles stick around.  While doing some digging into into a Java AJAX library for work, I ran across an article I had written for Java Developer’s Journal in 2003 titled “Mobile Webservices with kSOAP.”

Granted, this is a archived soft-copy of the print magazine article I’d written, so one might expect it to have a bit of longevity.  That said, it’s interesting to look back 14 years at the state-of-the-art Internet and mobile technologies and compare them to where we are today.

As for me, I now have a teenage daughter and my most recent print article isn’t about Java or web services, but Canadian Destroyers–“The ‘Rolls Royce Destroyers’: Canada’s First Made-to-Order Warships” is now available for download at Canadian Naval Review.  No need to hurry though–you might still be able to get it sometime in the next 14 years.




Tin-Can Canucks: Now on Sale




  1. jeremy foreman

    this is a hit or miss blog. I am a scale warship modeller in the uk and I enjoyed your book tin can sailots.during my service in the rn I had the good fortune to meet up with one of the rcn ships the qu,appelle {11} ithinf this was way back when the rn actualy went to sea.the long shot of this all is that I have been wanting to build a modell of this ship but am unable to find a good source of plans suitable.i know it is abit of a cheek but any assistance would be gratefully accepted,many thanks ,jeremy

    • Jeremy,

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Tin-Can Canucks, thank you very much for your purchase. You’re correct in terms of how hit-and-miss the blog is; the downside of being a professional “something else” from 9-5 rather than a writer 🙂 As for plans for HMCS Qu’Appelle, the CFB Esquimalt Naval Museum has a full set of plans for the Mackenzie-class which they can provide on CD for a nominal fee. You can find details on their plans service here: http://www.navalandmilitarymuseum.org/archives/projects/ship-plans. I hope this helps.



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